CSA Qualifications


Since 2002, Compliance Services and Assessments, LC (CSA) has been developing and administering qualification assessments for fire protection contractors and fire department inspectors.   Using professional proctoring centers around the United States and Canada, CSA can evaluate an individual’s minimum understanding of fire protection and life safety responsibilities. 

Qualification ID CardSome of the assessments that CSA administers include:

FA2 - Fire Alarm Competent On-Site Person
FA4 - Fire Alarm Business Representative / Certificate Holder
ASC2 - Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Commercial
ASR2- Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Residential
ASCR2 - Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Commercial & Residential
ASCR4 - Sprinkler Business Representative / Certificate Holder
ASD2 - Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Domestic
UFM2 - Private Fire Service Mains (Underground)
UFM4 - Private Fire Service Mains Business Certificate Holder

FEX - Fire Extinguishers
CKH2 - Commercial Kitchen Hood Installation and Service
KHFE2 - Kitchen Hood & Fire Extinguisher On-Site
CTFH2 - Confidence Testing - Fire Hydrants

Individuals who successfully pass a CSA proctored assessment will receive a photo ID card (credit card quality) and a certificate to proudly display their qualifications.  Up to five qualifications can be displayed on a single card with each one having a different expiration date.  These ID cards are used by code enforcement officers to verify the qualifications of individuals installing life safety systems.  Some general contractors require cards to be displayed on a job site to ensure that their sub contractors are qualified and reducing the chance of stop-work orders being issued.  CSA assessment qualifications are not the same as taking an on-line training course.

If you are a code official or fire marshal, CSA may be able to work with you in training / assessing your inspection staff at reduced rates.

If you would like additional information on CSA assessments, visit our site at www.CSAexams.com