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This site is intended to serve as a professional development tool for installers, designers, reviewers, and inspectors of fire protection and life safety related systems.  Although taking online training will help to improve your knowledge of fire protection and life safety systems, these courses are NOT required in order to take CSA qualification assessments. 

Using menu on left, you can purchase gift certificates towards training classes.  These can be used to recognize employees, inspectors, engineers, contractors, customers, etc.
Our goal is to ensure that individuals involved in the installation of life safety systems are able to understand, practice, and demonstrate the best quality of any construction trade. You will be able to re-visit a course within two days.
We hope that you will agree that our courses are helpful.  If you have any concerns or find any errors, please let us know so that we can address them.  If you found our material useful, please spread the word and drop us a note.

Our training courses are developed and reviewed by various subject matter experts in the area of fire protection and life safety.  This includes professionals not otherwise associated with CSA.  If you are a subject matter expert and would like to share your expertise, please email CSA. 
In some cases, fire departments, code officials, or professionals may develop materials for their community and utilize our site as a means of delivery.  This allows us to share their efforts with others in the field.

If you would like to learn more about CSA qualification assessments, click on the “CSA Qualifications” tab to the left.
“Without assessments, all we have are assumptions!”  Are your contractors qualified?

Disclaimer: Neither CSA, its employees, agents, authors, service providers, or developers provide any guarantee with regards to the accuracy or outcome from the use of information contained within materials or training delivered through this site.  All users of this training and material are responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information prior to representing, relaying, or using the information.  The opinions, instructions, guidelines, references, statements, or actions displayed through materials of a CSA service does not necessarily represent the opinion or position of CSA.  CSA makes a concentrated effort to improve professional development, but shall not be held liable for use of such material.  By participating in CSA training services, you the student and your agents assume all risk and agree to not hold any of the above liable for same.